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Regency Roofing has diagnosed, repaired and/or re-roofed hundreds of condominium units within the Associations that we manage.  We have found ...

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Stop destructive algae now!  Clean your asphalt roof!

Algae has always been on roofs, but because of the composition change of asphalt shingles, it now thrives on the roof surface, causing unsightly, black streaks and stains.  This roof staining algae is the same algae found in swimming pools and on bathroom tile grout.  Algae particles spread to your roof through wind, wildlife, vegetation and other outdoor influences.  It lands and begins to grow on the crushed limestone, the base material that has been used in manufacturing asphalt shingles for the past 15+ years.
Thriving on the crushed limestone, the roof algae causes deterioration and premature roof failure, and it just looks terrible.

Regency Roofing – ShakeMasters® has over 30 years of roof cleaning experience and uses eco-friendly products to safely remove the black stains and streaks without causing harm to your roof, plants or grass.  Clean your roof of the black stains and restore the beauty of your home – without the cost of reroofing!

Attention Home sellers and real estate agents - a dirty stained roof reduces the curb appeal of any home and could result in buyers questioning the roof integrity and result in a slower sale.  Make your roof look spectacular!  It may be the difference between and For Sale and a Sold in the front yard.