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Green from the Start - Cedar Roofs Save Energy

This information is from the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau brochure, Our Blue Label…Green From The Start.  Visit them at

Cedar Roofs Save You Energy

Wood is thermally efficient, easy to insulate and the only major building material that is renewable.  Tests performed at the University of Texas at Arlington prove that wood roofs can keep your attic 28°F cooler in severe summer heat.  That’s a saving of over 20% on your cooling system!  (Source: Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, “Free Insulation…Provided by Mother Nature”).  The cells in wood products allow them to function as an insulator, naturally.  Best of all, since Mother Nature is helping keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, you are reducing your carbon footprint.  Less energy needed from fossil fuel depleting resources, such as coal fired or gas power plants, is a smart move and better for our planet!

Help Remove Carbon From Our Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide is absorbed…

Photosynthesis allows for trees to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Young growing forests remove the most carbon from our air – cleaning the air that we breathe.  Forests are key to removing greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.

Carbon is stored…
When forest products are manufactured, carbon is stored for decades, sometimes even centuries.  Because the manufacturing process of Certi-label™ cedar shakes and shingles is labor intensive, as opposed to energy intensive, the planet benefits even more since there is less energy needed from fossil fuel or natural gas source depletion.

Carbon dioxide is emitted…

The production of wood substitute roofing and siding materials creates fossil fuel emissions.  Raw materials that are mined or pumped from the earth are never to be replenished, highlighting their unsustainable manufacturing processes.


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