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Green from the Start - Cedar Roofs Save Energy

Wood is thermally efficient, easy to insulate and the only major building material that is renewable.

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Cedar Roof Treatment Why Use a Water-based Formula?

Freshly cut wood contains less than 3% oil content vs. 40% or more water!  Water is the logical and compatible carrier for wood coatings.

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Ice Dam - Causes and Prevention

Proper use of ice & water barrier products, plus insulation and ventilation, help prevent ice dams – a major culprit when it comes to roof leaks.

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How to Prevent Ice Dams

To prevent an ice dam, you don’t heat the roof, you keep it cold.  That way, the snow on the roof eventually dissipates without making a large amount of meltwater.

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Regency Roofing has diagnosed, repaired and/or re-roofed hundreds of condominium units within the Associations that we manage.  We have found ...

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